Selected Articles

Postcard from Portugal, 13/07/12
The FT
RollOnFriday keeps rolling out the laughs, 24/05/12
The Times
Hawaii: Living the dream surfing the Banzai Pipeline, 10/02/12
The Telegraph
Alex Wade's Top 10 Surf Spots, 10/02/12
The Telegraph
In search of War Horse country, 07/01/12
The Times
End of the road for selling victims' cases, 22/09/11
The Times
The surf school helping ex-servicemen ride a wave of recovery, 09/09/11
The Guardian
Cornwall: Make the most of Summer!, 31/07/11
The Independent on Sunday
The Saturday Interview: Jean Shrimpton, 30/04/11
The Guardian
Tim Smit: the Eden Project's impassioned gardener, 11/03/11
The Guardian

Poetry in motion. Or Cornwall on two wheels, 09/01/11

The Independent on Sunday
Gourmet surfing: hold the pinny, there's a big wave coming, 12/09/10
The Independent on Sunday
The Walk File, Mousehole, Cornwall, 11/09/10
The FT
10 Coastal Picnics, 31/07/10
The Times
The Walk File: Woodford Valley, Wilts, 24/07/10
The FT
The Walk File: Sancreed, Cornwall, 01/05/10
The FT
The Walk File: Cerne Abbas, Dorset, 16/04/10
The FT
The Walk File: Bodmin Moor, Cornwall, 27/03/10
The FT
Surfing Europe's first artificial reef, 20/03/10
The FT
Better Skate than Never,17/01/09
The FT
St Ives to Penzance with Alex Wade, 06/12/08
The FT
Alex Wade And Son Get Stoked In West Cornwall,16/08/08
The FT
My Weekend: Mark Whittell
The Times Online, 05/11/2007
My Weekend: Jim Mottram
The Times Online, 26/10/2007
Why pay for one and not the other?
The Sunday Times, 21/10/2007
My Weekend: Stephen Hindmarsh
The Times Online, 19/10/2007
My Weekend: John Arnold
The Times Online, 12/10/2007
My Weekend: Philip Bellamy
The Times Online, 08/10/2007
My Weekend: Wendy Brown
The Times Online, 28/09/2007
My Weekend: Paul Smith
The Times Online, 21/09/2007
My Weekend: Bree Corrigan
The Times Online, 13/09/2007
My Weekend: Andy Booth
The Times Online, 07/09/2007
My Weekend: Janette Howells
The Times Online, 31/08/2007
My Weekend: Peter Luther
The Times Online, 24/08/2007
My Weekend: Julia Wood
The Times Online, 17/08/2007
The world's strangest laws
The Times Online, 15/08/2007
A swell day out for all the family
The Times Online, 11/08/2007
My Weekend: Giles Crown
The Times Online, 10/08/2007
British surfing's great white hope
The Times Online, 5/08/2007
My Weekend: Tim Polding
The Times Online, 03/08/2007
My Weekend: Ian Fagelson
The Times Online, 27/07/2007
My Weekend: Adam Taylor
The Times Online, 20/07/2007
Best of British Surfing
The Times Online, 13/07/2007
My Weekend: Roger Grove
The Times Online, 03/07/2007
My Weekend: David Gordon
The Times Online, 06/07/2007
My Weekend: Mark Warby, QC
The Times Online, 29/06/2007
My Weekend: Roger Field
The Times Online, 22/06/2007
My Weekend: Richard Butcher
The Times Online, 15/06/2007
My Weekend: Nigel Winter
The Times Online, 08/06/2007
My Weekend: Paul Lambdin
The Times Online, 01/06/2007
My Weekend: Michael Frawley
The Times Online, 25/05/2007
My Weekend: Ian Rosenblatt
The Times Online, 18/05/2007
My Weekend: Julian Heathcote Hobbins
The Times Online, 11/05/2007
My Weekend: Kevin Smith
The Times Online, 04/05/2007
My Weekend:Lucy Riley
The Times Online, 27/04/2007
A miserable World Cup for England, but the lawyers have done very well
The Sunday Times, 26/04/2007
Out of Office AutoReply...Im surfing the Severn Bore
The Sunday Times, 22/04/2007
My Weekend:Richard Taylor
The Times Online, 20/04/2007
My Weekend:Donald Stewart
The Times Online, 13/04/2007
My Weekend:Lucy Robson
The Times Online, 05/04/2007
My Weekend:May Looi
The Times Online, 30/03/2007
Sharks in the courtroom, sharks at the table: Why lawyers are drawn to poker
The Times Online, 16/03/2007
Riding the waves of hostility
The Times, 03/03/2007
Getting my hand bitten off by the Snarler
The Sunday Times, 07/01/2007
Out of Office AutoReply...I’m climbing Mont Blanc
The Sunday Times, 24/12/2006
Keep it up, lad (or perhaps not)
The Sunday Times, 24/12/2006
Who thought we'd turn out all right
The Sunday Times, 03/12/2006
Playing a life of two halves
The Times, 17/10/2006
It beats the hell out of a day job
The Sunday Times, 17/09/2006
Art and the law: more than just a good investment
The Times, 05/09/2006
Pure power in the punches (book review)
The Times, 26/08/2006
Why it's important to learn how to drop in when you're dropping out
The Times, 15/08/2006
Beach can be heart-breaker
The Sunday Times, 30/07/2006
Surfers let it rip
The Sunday Times, 30/07/2006
Creating stories: do all writers reinterpret and retell?
The Times, 14/03/2006
The dangers of buying a fake alibi on the net
The Times, 14/02/2006
Privacy at a price
The Guardian, 30/01/2006
Surf’s up in Cook Country
The Independent on Sunday, 15/01/2006
The dark ghost in Ali's corner
The Times, 07/01/2006
Making waves
The Independent, 28/11/2005
Do our libel laws work?
The Times, 22/11/2005
Resilient Reading ride out the storm
The Times, 07/11/2005
Central America: It's a jungle out there
The Independent on Sunday, 23/10/2005
Plymouth find a way through the fog to move off the bottom
The Times, 03/10/2005
Zen and the art of wave riding
The Independent on Sunday, 02/10/205
Chairman sees himself as agent for QPR revival
The Times, 30/09/2005
Lies, lies, all lies
The Independent on Sunday, 28/08/2005
Gentle sex, my ass
The Times, 20/08/2005
Surfing is taking Cornwall by storm - and it's big business, too
The Telegraph, 29/07/2005
It's a knockout: take a ringside seat for the best view of New York
The Independent on Sunday, 26/06/2005
Jury's prudence
The Guardian, 14/06/2005
Masters criminals
The Guardian, 24/05/2005
As absurd as you can get
The Guardian, 10/05/2005
Media rights? Pre-nup? New wills . . . it's a royal headache
The Times, 15/02/2005
Mr Ambassador, with this you are spoiling us
The Independent on Sunday, 16/01/2005
Science on trial
The Guardian, 28/09/2004
In the red corner - why the land of the eagles breeds true raging bulls
The Independent on Sunday, 06/06/2004
The land of the fee
The Independent, 24/05/2004
A delicate case for the modern-day Solomons
The Times, 23/03/2004
The wrong side of the track
The Independent, 15/03/2004
Love lifts us up to where we belong - a couple's guide to mountaineering
The Independent on Sunday, 08/02/2004
Ice axe optional. Maybe
The Independent, 31/01/2004
What it takes to shine with the stars
The Times, 20/01/2004
Essentially Spanish - Away from the multicultural costas of the South, Spain's Atlantic coast remains a firm favourite with the Spanish
Living Spain, Jan/Feb 2004
Death of a writ master
The Independent, 30/12/2003
Obituary: Peter Carter-Ruck
The Independent, 22/12/2003
When justice is caught napping
The Guardian, 16/12/2003
The laws of the game
The Independent, 02/12/2003
A Sea Of Troubles
The Independent on Sunday, 30/11/2003
'Even when she was being nice I felt terrified'
The Guardian, 25/11/2003
'I fight cases, not causes'
The Independent, 04/11/2003
When will the world take a hard line on drugs?
The Times, 28/10/2003
He's a New York judge, and he really knows how to hand out punishment
The Times, 21/10/2003
Go to the bottom of the deep blue sea
The Independent on Sunday, 19/10/2003
Is Vodafone on a sticky wicket over Zimbabwe?
The Times, 14/10/2003
Briton joins foreign legion
The Times, 14/10/2003
One man's scandal is another's access to libel justice
The Times, 30/09/2003
Publish and be vetted
The Guardian, 29/09/2003
I must go down to the sea again - to swim, pedal and run until I drop
The Independent on Sunday, 21/09/2003
Was the Iraq war illegal?
The Guardian, 16/09/2003
Lords Of The Ring (by Courtney Rubin)
Time Magazine, 14/09/2003
Big Man Who Punches His Weight For Charity
The Times, 23/08/2003
And Now It's Payback Time
The Independent, 12/08/2003
What's so special about Tarifa? The answer is blowing in the wind...
The Independent on Sunday, 10/08/2003
Private Lives
The Independent, 24/06/2003
Estelle The Actuary Squares Up To Ann
The Independent on Sunday, 22/06/2003
How much fun is Europe's extreme sports capital? Let's ask the children...
The Independent on Sunday, 15/06/2003
Justice in the dark
The Guardian, 10/06/2003
Ready for Rach 3
The Guardian, 16/05/2003
Boxing Clever
The Independent, 13/05/2003
Can you own an idea?
The Guardian, 06/05/2003
OK! Perhaps it was Hello! that won the battle, but lost the war
The Times, 15/04/2003
Formats for success
The Guardian, 05/04/2003
Hey, that's my idea
The Guardian, 01/04/2003
The untouchables
The Guardian, 31/03/2003
A declaration of liability?
The Guardian, 17/02/2003
This Europe: Albania
The Independent, 13/02/2003
Free press makes full use of lax libel laws
The Independent, 13/02/2003
Albania: On The Wild Side
The Independent, 12/02/2003
The Terrier All Set To Be The New Graveney
The Independent, 02/02/2003
Could bookmakers be out of the running?
The Times, 28/01/2003
Albania - it's a jungle out there
The Times, 17/01/2003
Pecs And The City Packs A Punch With Businessmen
The Times, 11/01/2003
Light Entertainment. Atlantic winds and waves have created a unique and little explored costa in southern Spain. Alex Wade shares a beach with his family on the Costa de la Luz
Living Spain, Jan/Feb 2003
The odd bit of rain never hurt anyone
The Independent on Sunday, 27/10/2002
Message on phone texting: your next one may be a libel
The Times, 17/09/2002
What's the best way to climb Mont Blanc?
The Independent on Sunday, 11/08/2002
Great view. Shame about the unexploded artillery shells
The Independent on Sunday, 14/04/2002